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Jaquemate® is a family company formed by two sisters focused on designing products that simplify everyday life.

Early in 2015, we became aware that we could design one product aimed at students: a mate backpack to carry the whole mate set with an additional pocket to hold notebooks or the laptop. We met in the hallway at home, each one with a sketch of the mate backpack. We combined both designs and our mom made our first prototype.

We were then ready to find someone to sew them. It wasn’t easy but we finally met Luis. In the early days of Jaquemate, most of the manufacturing process was manual. This helped us realize how valuable is to put an idea into practice. After some time we began outsourcing certain tasks to focus on what we do best. We were amazed to know that with effort and creativity we could provide income and employment to many people.

We believe in decent and respectable work. We believe in innovation, and strive to design products that offer better solutions for everyday life. Jaquemate is very dynamic, but we are strongly committed to the quality and permanent design of new products.

Odile and Alix d’Abbadie

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