Peace and Harmony Works® – We are guided by the principles of harmony and well being.


Peace and Harmony Works® is an Argentine company that produces luxury products and its fragrances are permanent and stable, specifically formulated with the right proportions, guaranteeing the same aroma from start to finish.

Lighting a candle is a ritual that involves all the senses, that is why the products have the highest quality to make our everyday moments something special. They aspire for each person to find that fragrance that identifies them, that personalizes their home and that perpetuates in the memory of those who visit it.

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  • In addition to be a decorative element, each candle should contribute to creating a warm and enveloping atmosphere.

  • It should help us improve our emotional balance.

  • It is the intensity and durability of its aroma, which is enjoyed even before lighting it and then until the last second of its useful life.

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