Medium Lazy Susan

Medium Lazy Susan


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This Lazy Susan will be the perfect addition that you are looking for your dining table as table centerpiece. Enjoy those special nights with your friends with this simple and functional handmade centerpiece. Ideal to keep your dining necessities handy!!

Handmade bowls are eye-catching as decorative objects. Place one on the coffee table to display seasonal accessories—flowers in the spring, sand and shells in the summer, fall leaves or acorns in fall and ornaments in winter.
We offer exclusive handmade pottery bowls of different sizes and colors from a renowned artist in Argentina.

Glossy Glaze

PRODUCT DETAILS (dimensions are approximate and may vary)

Diameter:   10.63”       – (27 cm)
Height:        3.54”         – ( 9 cm)
Weight:       3.53 oz      – (1.60  kg)

Photos may differ with the product and vary over time.

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No two bowls are alike because they are unique handmade pieces.
Variations, rather than being ‘imperfect’ or ‘flawed’ provide unique qualities inherent in handmade pottery. This is expected and embraced in a handmade product.


All products are designed for decoration only.

When cleaning the piece for the first time, it goes through temperature changes that cause a natural settling that does not affect the piece integrity.

White haze after cleaning
Sometimes, after the first cleaning, you may find white haze or spots in part or the entire piece. This is caused by the humidity in the glaze cracking and is not considered harmful. To avoid this, pieces should be thoroughly dried.

Liquid in the Ceramic Pots
Storing liquid in ceramic pots during more than 24 hours is not recommended. Ceramic naturally has many tiny pores, and some liquids may come out through these pores. We recommend placing a glass vessel or container in the ceramic pot if you want to store water.

Additional information

Weight 3.53 oz
Dimensions 10.63 × 10.63 × 3.54 in

Sea, Shell


Angeles Castro Corbat


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