Ruah® – Outdoors


We have a dream: Creating a more fair and human society. We think our society needs women who are aware of their dignity, uniqueness, and, specially, their human capacity.

We promote social inclusion of women in the most vulnerable sections of society through the development of spaces where they learn crafts, receive labor support and social and emotional mentoring to improve the quality of life through products made with their own hands.

The production process is at the service of human development.

This process is the origin of our products. We create with superior and natural materials that promise harmony, durability, and timelessness.

Our products are Art emerging from the hands and heart of women who Believe and Create.
This combination gives birth to a new humanity.

We promote changes in consumption.

We follow the “Slow Fashion” concept. Our products are timeless, highly durable and made of superior and natural materials aimed at reducing the consumption cycle.

We promote conscious consumption, focused on time, process, crafts and naturally imperfect materials. Our source of inspiration is nature, the mystery and beauty of humanity, including cycles, processes and everything we learn from them.

Training and production processes are focused on human beings. In fact, each product is the result of an artisan process that is at the service of human development and fair trade.

Ruah® – Outdoors

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